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The 5 E'S of Victory Outreach

The 5 E's explain the foundational values and principles of our ministry.


Exalting Christ
The Presence of God
Through Worship / Music
The Word


Envisioning People
Commitment / Dedication to a vision
Visionary Leadership
Belief in People / Their Potential / Respect for Person


Evangelize the world for Christ
Aggressive Evangelism / Street Outreach
Church Growth
Assimilation / Connecting People into the Local Church
Missions / World Evangelism
Inner - City Ministry / Urban Areas / Ghettos


Establishing Christians toward Spiritual Maturity
Spiritual Parenthood / Discipline
Commitment / Dedication / Sacrifice
Christian Character / Ethics / Morality / Integrity / Holiness
Marriage / Healthy Husband-Wive Relationship
The Family / Healthy Parent-Child Relationship
Church Family / Relationships / Community / A Sense of Belonging
Unity / Teamwork / Respect / Loyalty
Restoration / Forgiveness
Tithing / Financial Management / Stewardship / United We Can
Commitment to Biblical Standards / Balance / Doctrine
The Church / Commitment to the Local Church / Faithfulness / Involvement


Equipping Christians for Ministry
Discipleship / Reproduction / Spiritual Parenthood
Equipping / Training / Continual Learning
Giftedness / Development of Spiritual Gifts
Anointing / Spiritual Authority
Spiritual Warfare / Spiritual Backgrounds
Faith / Dependence upon God / Godly Strategy / Holy Spirit Empowerment
The Supernatural / Healings / Miracles
Pastoral Leadership / Preaching / Teaching
Leadership Development / Leadership Selection

The 3 C's of Victory Outreach

Our Victory Outreach Mission Statement Contains all Three C's: Cause, Corporation and Community

Community - Family | Acts 2:42; 1 Timothy 5:1-2

The church is a community; we are a family. This is why we call each other brother, sister, spiritual mom and dad. We can express and receive love, security and a sense of belonging in a family. Usually, it is the weakest person in a family that receives the most attention.
Victory Outreach has been instilling the concept of family into its members since the beginning. God has raised up a people that were no people. Many of the people working in the ministry of Victory Outreach today would not normally qualify as a pastor or licensed minister in other denominations or movements.

We have a sense of dignity and belonging because we are a family that God Himself raised up to become a unique ministry that works with the hurting people from inner-cities worldwide.

Cause |  Matthew 16:18; Zechariah 4:6

We are on a mission that God has given us to reach the world. Having the same mindset is essential for reaching new lands for the Lord. While in a family the basic values that are instilled are love, acceptance and respect; in a 'cause' mindset, the values are a sense of mission, strategy, honor, courage, duty, and loyalty. In having these same core values, we will continue to experience VICTORY after VICTORY!

Corporation - business | 1 Corinthians 14:40

Besides being a family with a cause, the church also functions as a corporation. This is the business aspect of the ministry. We have our Victory Outreach International office which is fully staffed with individuals that are dedicated to the worldwide expansion of Victory Outreach through “United We Can”. This will become our future financial stability.
Each local Victory Outreach church strives to become a well-polished, business-run church. We recognize and believe in accountability to leadership in all aspects of the vision. Decisions are made for the benefit of the total organization.